Pernettyakwekerij M.Mathot
We reproduce and increase our stocks of Pernettyas through taking and growing plant cuttings. The cutting is taken from specially grown plants. Cuttings are inserted into plugs and are then placed under plastic in the cuttings greenhouse. That's our company intensive care where they need two to three months to properly take root. Transferring to pots is something we do with the aid of a potting machine. The potted plants are then transported via a conveyor belt into the greenhouse with retractable roof so then can start the vegetative phase of growing.  During summer the Pernettyas are exposed to the open air outdoors and in wintertime or during poor weather conditions they are protected indoors. They are pruned a few times per year in order to obtain a lovely full and compact plant. Once the winter has finished the plants are moved in March to the container fields outside the greenhouse. At that location they are spaced out so that they receive sufficient light as well as air and have enough room to develop. Male Pernettyas are placed between the female plants (one male specimen to thirty female plants). When they produce flowers bees are released into the garden to ensure good pollination. As a result of the pollination a fruit is produced that turns into a beautiful large berry during summer. At the beginning of August we are ready to start supplying the delightfully coloured berry plants. At that moment they have the perfect shape and are bursting with red, whiter or pink berries. Matching packaging then makes the visual image complete and perfect for our customers.