Pernettyakwekerij M.Mathot
    Our nursery is located in Reeuwijk, in the area called the “Tempel”. We specialise in Pernettya, otherwise known as the 'prickly heath' in the UK. It’s a gem of a plant. The nursery is 12,5 hectares in size of which 3 hectares is greenhouse with retractable roof (we can open & close this when desired). The annuals are housed in this greenhouse. After the winter they go to the container field outside the greenhouse. There they are positioned at a reasonable distance from one another so that berries can form. The Pernettyas are supplied in the autumn, in red, pink and white. Propagation and cultivation is carried out by our own specialists so that we can always guarantee excellent quality. Our team consists of enthusiastic people who, equipped with the most modern resources, grow beautiful berry plants.  In 2009 we were proud when our Gift Pack was nominated for the Flora Holland Award in the category ‘Added Value’.                                                                     
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Prickly Heath cultivated at Pernettyakwekerij M.Mathot
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