Pernettyakwekerij M.Mathot
Below you will find additional information about the colours, pot sizes, packaging and loading.  If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help. Our Pernettya are available in red, pink and white. They can be delivered with or without a foil supplied, with carrypot and as GiftPack. Kerstnettya, to deliver from week 45, are available with different packaging.
Mini Pernettya  Potsize ø6 cm. (without foil, in foil or in mirror cover). Height Loading Fustcode    10 12x6x20 220 white    10 12x10x12 212 white Pernettya  Potsize ø10,5 cm. Packaging Height Loading Fustcode without foil    20   8x5x12     412 without foil    20   8x6x9     209 in foil    30   7x5x12     412 in foil    30   8x6x9     209 GiftPack    25   6x6x6     236 transparent Kerstnettya    30   8x6x6     236 transparent Pernettya  Potsize ø14 cm. Packaging Height Loading Fustcode without foil    30   6x5x7     407 in foil    40   6x5x7     407 carrypot    40   6x5x7     407 all packaging   6x5x8     408 all packaging   6x6x6     236
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