The company started in 1980 with a large selection of garden plants. The nursery was about one hectare in size and situated in the hamlet called “Tempel”, in the Municipality of Reeuwijk. All plants were delivered to Boskoop in the province of South Holland. Halfway through the 80s the first plants were grown in pots and cultivation of the Pernettyas was increased. The fact that beautiful large berries were produced and this in pots too, meant that these were appealing ornamental plants and a welcome asset at the flower auctions. When severe winters came around it was ascertained that Pernettyas grown in pots needed to be kept frost-free. In light of this, a greenhouse – in which the plants would be able to hibernate in future – was purchased from a pot plant grower in the area. In 1990, two acres of grassland was purchased next to the nursery. In 1996 two new pieces of land were bought, one 2,5 hectares and the other 3.5 hectares in size, the latter plot adjoining the nursery at the back.  It was decided that from this moment onwards only Pernettya and Clematis would be grown. In 2007 further expansion took place. The company now has 12.5 hectares of land with 30,000 square meters of greenhouse with retractable foil roof, 5000 square meters hibernation greenhouse located elsewhere and a storehouse used as packaging and propagation space. It's there that our team of enthusiastic employees propagate our plant varieties and we then grow these ourselves. In order to maximise efficiency and achieve the best possible results with the Pernettyas, we have taken the Clematis out of the range.